Link Parish

Released Works

after-tornado-cloudscape_alex grichenko

Winds of Merced
Lia is an Ishim, a humanoid terraformer birthed to undo the ravages of the war between Humanity and the Chree. She heals planets–but who heals the healer? Part of the ArCon Cycle. #FlashFiction #SciFi 888 words. Splickety.

Havok 2.3

Fall Guy
Sometimes when you stack the deck, everyone loses… #FlashFiction #SciFi 690 words. Havok Magazine.

Havok Magazine 2.3 also includes great stories by Patrick W. Carr, Tina Yeager, Will Ramirez and others.

Dark Lit - SciFi Flash Fiction by Link Parish

Dark Lit
What happens when art imitates life just a little too closely? #FlashFiction #SciFi 195 words. Splickety.

ArCon Cycle

  • Daughter of Daedalus (Novella – Book 1)

Melody and her team have created Pandora, the worlds first true Artificial Consciousness or ArCon. Their actions ignite a struggle on Earth that will engulf the stars–if humanity lives long enough to reach them.

  • Pandora’s Hope (Novel – Book 2)

A youth trying to find her place. An aged warrior trying to escape his. And an ArCon trying to save humans and ArCons from a conflict threatening all life in the universe.

I know Prometheus. He’s my son. My brother. He’s… me. He’ll do everything he can to save the humans, including sacrificing each and every ArCon.”

“We know. How are you any different?”

“Haven’t you figured that out? He’s trying to save them.

I’m trying to save you.”

– Pandora to the ArCons of the Terran Combine

Short Works

  • Sephra’s Swan

His job was simple. Cripple or destroy any culture that posed a threat to the neophyte, Post-Singularity Hive-Mind, Murta Manavata. But someone or something is messing with his family, and they are about to discover what a Retrograde Operative is capable of. Even a retired one.

  • Howl

They taught him to hate and turned him into the ultimate killing machine. Now he knows the truth behind the lies. And where the liars are hiding.

  • Good Night, Swindon

Javier and Yeva are the voice of hope to a world slipping into darkness. How much are they willing to sacrifice to save it?