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No Such Thing

…As bad publicity. In 1946, Kirkus Reviews described Halldor Laxness’s Independent People as “A sprawling, unselective, overlong… A bleak and bitter book, with little to interest or attract the American reader.” In 1955 Laxness took home the Nobel Prize in… Read More »No Such Thing

Japan Mount Fuji Photo


Haiku piqued my interest on several levels. My muse loves the imagery and the syntax. The linguist in me has an intense love-hate relationship with the myriad translations. The form had a rather humble start. Japanese poets would engage in… Read More »Haiku

Ravagers (1979)

In 1991, my home town was overrun by Ravagers.” At least, it was in “Ravagers,” Richard Compton’s 1979 adaptation of ‘Path to Savagery’ by Robert Edmond Alter. Don’t remember it? How about any or all of these: “Soylent Green,” “Mad… Read More »Ravagers (1979)