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Waiting on Wormsign

Movie Title Dune from 2021

I can’t wait for October to get here. Finally. Dune.


The great I hope Dune. The Denis Villeneuve Dune. Villeneuve calls to mind Sicario. Arrival. Not that, other something he did that, well, in the words of Peter Gabriel, “I don’t remember, I don’t recall.”

SyFi channel DUNE series cast
SyFy Channel’s Dune miniseries

I don’t because that other something drove me back to Rekal Incorporated for a quick forgetting. It wasn’t the first time I’ve had to enlist the services of Rekal. It probably won’t be the last. The first was in the spring of 1985, to erase something equally horrific. Good news, though. They give an amazing frequent customer discount.

SyFi channel Children of Dune series

Two memory purges later, in anticipation of the movie release, I find myself rewatching a six part, double miniseries. John Harrison and SciFi Channel’s ‘Dune‘ and ‘Children of Dune.’ If you ignore the costumes and often average acting, not a bad way to spend nine hours.

SyFi channel DUNE series cast

A better way to spend your time with Dune? One of the board games. The 1979 Avalon Hill board game is solid, if hard to find these days. The Gale Force Nine release is not too shabby either. But the real sleeper of 2020 may be the game Dune Imperium by Paul Dennen and Dire Wolf.

DUNE Imperium board game

Another good investment for your nine hours? Watch the first episodes of Foundation, of Laura Birn’s Eto Demerzel, instead. Then leave. Go outside.

Grab a nice park bench, a tree, a cliff. Pull out your blanket, thermos with tea infuser, and copy of ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert A. Heinlein, or ‘Dhalgren’ by Samuel R. Delany.

You’ll be glad you did. Don’t worry. There will be more Foundation when you get back. Who knows. Maybe even the first half of the newest Dune.

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