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COVID19 Coping

sorry folks the world is closed meme covid19

A bakers dozen of the images that were bursts of sunshine peeking through clouds of anxiety and uncertainty. Laughter really is the best medicine.

lego covid19 panic buying set
star trek covid19 meme
covid19 american gothic meme
covid19 chuck norris meme
covid19 meme man in cone dont touch face
covid19 dog watching street meme
covid19 meme cat in box
lockdown travel meme
covid19 thor working from home meme
covid19 govt says do this meme
quarantine day meme covid19
sorry folks the world is closed covid19 meme

Not your cup of tea? Brian Gable’s works in the Globe and Mail seemed spot on at the time. Stay safe everyone!

Update: Saturday Night Live’s wonderful piece “Dreams”

“Dreams” written by Cecily Strong and Kent Sublette for SAturday Night Live season 45.

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