Crossing the Streams

Link Parish
crossing the streams is bad

If you’re fortunate, you love what you do for a living.
If you’re truly fortunate, you’ll do what you do for a living… with geeks.

A co-worker in my current digs knows that if they send a certain email, within seconds I will be racing over to their cubicle whispering ‘Khhhaaannn!’ at the bottom of my lungs.

On the way back, I’ll poke my head into another certain cubicle, toss a lit ‘Definitely Picard…’ grenade into the conversational mix and quickly walk away. Without fail, the fragile truce between Kirk and Picard camps falls apart in an exchange of Nerf projectiles and geek-laden invective.

Recently there was this sally at work:

ProudBeth: “You haven’t commented on my earrings.”

CluelessLink: “Um, Go Orioles?”

AngryBeth: “No! Portal!! How can you NOT know that?!?”

TryingtodighimselfoutoftheholehejustleptintoLink: “Nice earrings? But the cake is still a lie.”

NowjustmildlyperturbedBeth: “Better. But you still lost points.”

We’re geeks. It’s what geeks do. Try to engage us. We don’t bite.

Fun Geek Conversation Starters:

Important safety tips aka Unfortunate Geek Conversation Starters:

  • J4rJ4r and anything. Just don’t.

And geeks, please remember to be nice when a non-geek trys with something like “Does C-3PO speak Klingon?” Yes, crossing the streams is BAD. But they are trying. And besides.

Crossing the streams can sometimes be fun.