What’s All This, Then?

No, this isn’t a travel blog and I’m not a travel writer. I know, two posts in a row mostly kinda sorta more or less no more mkay more than a little focused on travel. One was supposed to be a post on how I grew up watching classic westerns like Star Wars: A New Hope, Battle Beyond the Stars, and Outland. But the post never gelled, and then I found–Ack!–Scott Dutton’s amazing site.

Travel is on my mind a lot. This December we are hoping to set off on our biggest adventure to date. Sorry, no spoilers.

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Remake, Reboot, or Rest in Peace looks at 1998’s Soldier starring Kurt Russel and 1989’s anime Patlabor are in the works, as are posts on Tech Noir, Crossing the Streams, and Punk Please. So please stay tuned.

If you want some really great writing and reading, check out Wired’s Remembering Ursula Le Guin. Then, after revisiting one or ten of her works, try The Atlantic: Remembering Cordwainer Smith. I can’t say enough about the work of Ms. Le Guin. And here is what she had to say about Cordwainer Smith:

“One of my favorites. I read the story ‘Alpha Ralpha Boulevard’, and it just made me go, Wow! This stuff is so beautiful, and so strange, and I want to do something like that.”

Happy reading!

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