Butterfly Catch

The Big Move back across the pond we call the Atlantic was over. Our sole remaining Papillon, Moose, had settled into the new home. But there was something missing.

Two somethings. Rocky and Gizmo. Moose has always been part of a pack. And as much as he liked the new spaces, he did not like spending his days alone. Enter the ninja Bacchus. Be careful what you ask for, Moose.

Bacchus came to us from an established AKC breeder. We looked long and hard for a rescue but in the end it was just one variable too many, too soon. In a few years, when Moose has moved on and the rest of the family is settled, we will revisit a rescue.

There is a bounce back in Moose’s step. Sometimes in joy, sometimes in shock as Bacchus launches yet another sneak attack. Most importantly, there is a bounce back in my wife’s step as Bacchus tap tap tap herds her calf across the room. He is still teaching us who he is. He knows who we are.

His staff.

If you are in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and South Central Pennsylvania areas, check out Operation Paws for Homes.