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Pond Jumping

Life, especially the writing life, is about routines. Even for a card carrying Swooper Pantser like myself.

All of mine are about to change.

Our time in Europe has come to an end. Now the next great adventure. Back across the pond to the States, to a new home and new jobs.

Piece of cake. Right? Full disclosure: I’m only mostly terrified. And as we all know, there’s a big difference between mostly terrified and all terrified.

Storming the Castle

1. Stick with what works
For me, that is often a carrot and stick approach to writing. When I want to write [Read: When my characters are screaming for attention], I write. When I know that I should be writing, need to be writing, but don’t exactly feel like writing? That’s when I’ll need a reward system, and

2. Accountability
From a group like turtlewriters, my spouse, my sister, friends or family. I try to be honest and vocal about my goals. Asking them to help me, encourage me to reach those goals. And to call ‘Shenanigans!’ when I’m less than honest about my progress.

3. Writers cubby
As soon as possible. My Muse refuses to negotiate on this. It needs a space of its own. Just ask Moose.

Moves aren’t all bad stress. There are some benefits, such as

4. Time to Read

Disrupted schedules and gaps of unexpected down time are the perfect time to read! Protip: Read things that make you laugh. I did, and I laughed until…

UPDATE: We made it across the pond.

I cried. My beloved HP Mini 210, the only real home my words have had for the past seven years, didn’t survive the move. To its credit, it held on until we arrived back in the States. I replaced it with an HP Spectre, and my backups transferred relatively painlessly. I’m transcribing the backlog of voice notes from the move now. See? Not all bad. And unpacking boxes? That just never gets old.

Salt in the wound? Somewhere in the jumble of still unpacked boxes is my writing mascot, Andi Støvlene. I just haven’t had the time to look for him. But I will soon. No. Now. Right now.


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