Ravagers (1979)

In 1991, my home town was overrun with Ravagers. At least, it was in “Ravagers,” Richard Compton’s 1979 adaptation of ‘Path to Savagery’ by Robert Edmond Alter.

Don’t remember it? How about any or all of these: “Soylent Green,” “Mad Max,” “Wizards,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Deathsport,” “Black Moon.” Or “Damnation Alley,” “The Omega Man,” “The Ultimate Warrior?”
All worth a watch or five, but none compare to 1975’s “A Boy and His Dog.” Seems the ’70s was a banner decade for post-apocalyptic movie fans.

And then there was… Ravagers. Great cast, seasoned director. Scenes beautifully shot in Huntsville Alabama, at the Space and Rocket Center, and at beautiful Three Caves. What is not to love? Well, pretty much everything else. Especially the script. It was beautifully shot. And a very hard film to find these days. Did I mention that it was beautifully shot?

Shameless plug time. Ravagers does have–foreshadowing–a concert in Three Caves. If you aren’t familiar with the location, it is one of several managed by the North Alabama Land Trust. Good people doing good things. If you are a fan of the great outdoors, or of music, Three Caves might be the place for you.

Not your cup of tea? There is always the Space and Rocket Center. And if you have an extra ticket for Space camp, I know a writer that would be willing to take it off of your hands 🙂

Just don’t ask us about Ravagers. Please.