Last Pap Standing



We made this trip with three Papillons in tow. And with the trip, the expectation that we would return with two. Moose, the oldest, is thirteen this year. He’s also a bag of broken–allergies, bad back, bad leg, pretty much bad everything except attitude. And that attitude is pure gold.


So when a protein losing nephropathy (PLN) quickly claimed the youngest Papillon, Gizmo, we envisioned returning home with just Rocky, our athlete and middle dog. But then he was stricken by the same illness that claimed his younger brother. He fought, oh how he fought. But in the end it took him, too.

We were left in emotional tatters, only to be stitched back together a little each day by the most unlikely of tailors.

By Moose.papsPLN1

Without going into too much detail… partially because I cannot without tears, and partially because Suzie Jacobs does it much better than I can–here  is Megan’s Tale. It isn’t Rocky or Gizmo’s, but it is a tale well worth hearing. Thank you, Suzie.

And thank you, Moose. From the entire pack.



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15 year old Papillon Moose aka Iron Moose with toy

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